CRM, sales and customer management
radically simplified

Significant time saving through structure, transparency and streamlined processes in your customer activities. Intuitive like no other small business CRM system.

CRM dashboard

Others exaggerate with features. We focus on simplicity.

Samdock has everything you need for good sales and structured customer management
without overloading the system with features you never need.

Excel & Outlook are strong.
But not in customer management.

You maintain contacts in Excel lists, appointments in Outlook, tasks on Post-its, phone notes on slips of paper and customer files on your laptop?
With Samdock you manage everything centrally in one place. Transparent for everyone.

Search less. Find more.

Has that customer already been called? Has that offer been rejected? What was last discussed? You will know from now on, And so will your team.

A CRM shows you a full customer history

The first CRM
your team will love

Long training courses and a lot of persuasion in the team? Not with us! Samdock is fun and coordinates your tasks for excellent teamwork.

We are there to help you

Even in the simplest system, questions sometimes arise. That is why we are personally there to help you get the most out of Samdock.

Simple. Simple. Simple.. Simple. Simple. Simple. Simple.

Did we mention that Samdock is the simplest CRM system?
Intuitive to use for everyone, from the very first second. Just try it out!

Our customers are not only satisfied.
They are thrilled.

“I am just thrilled with Samdock. I was looking for a simple tool to manage my contacts and deals. Unlike most competitors, Samdock focuses on the essentials and relieves me enormously in my daily work. The app is super intuitive and fun.”

Tim Weisheit

Tim Weisheit

CEO & Founder

“Finally, we found it! The solution for organizing our leads. Now with Samdock, we have the ideal tool to guide us throughout the sales process and provide transparency within the team on the current status of our sales activities.”

Rene Reiter

Rene Reiter

CEO & Founder

“As a fast-growing startup, we need a CRM for new customer acquisition with as few frills as possible that we can all quickly understand and enjoy using. Samdock convinced us because it is intuitive and immediately ready for us to use. We’re now using it across our sales department.”

Pascal Claßen

Pascal Claßen

CEO & Founder

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