Why we’re building Samdock

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No interest in CRM!
Too expensive.
Too time-consuming.
Too slow.
Too rigid.
Too complicated.
Too many features.

This is what we hear every day. And that’s why we developed Samdock.
Our passion is making small businesses successful and making sales and marketing really fun!

We are a startup based in Munich with an experienced and international team.

Since we launched our sales solution in February 2021, we have already won over 3,000 companies for Samdock – with more and more users every day.

To be consistently better than the competition in sales? Is that possible?
Yes, and it’s easier than you think! Those who respond quickly to customer inquiries usually win the business.
Every customer expects to be served quickly and professionally.

That’s exactly why we built Samdock. With full focus on smaller sales teams.

Your business success is our priority! We want you to be successful in sales. And most of all, we want to make it simple. But of course in such a way that you always have your prospects and the customers in your sights.

Lead generation, lead management and customer care are the key focus. All information is centralized in one place. Nothing slips through your fingers and you can concentrate on the greatest customer potential. Paperwork and Excel lists are a thing of the past.

Sales activities, tasks and appointments and, of course, communication with the customer can be implemented easily and target-oriented with Samdock.

In short

  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Out-of-the-box ready for use
  • Secure and GDPR compliant
  • Simple pricing model
  • Developed in Germany and server location in Germany

And we still have a lot of plans: our goal is that in the future you will be able to do all sales activities easily and consistently in one system: with Samdock!

We are looking forward to you!


Intuitive and easy to use

Fully focused on small businesses

We designed Samdock specifically for the needs of small businesses. We want you to be successful in sales. And most of all, easily. And of course in such a way that you always have your prospects and customers fully in view.

Customer service

Product quality



CEO & Founder

User experience

Ready for immediate use

3000+ companies are already using our cloud-based software.

Samdock doesn’t require hours of setup, explanations, or expensive consulting fees. Join our growing list of customers and get started right away.

Secure and compliant with data protection regulations

We ensure the necessary security

It is important to be careful with your customers’ data. A CRM that prioritizes their safety gives you the peace of mind to work at your best.

Product Design



Samdock Team

Developed in Munich. Get on board!

If you would like to actively support us as we grow, contact us! We are looking for doers, implementers, go-getters with ideas, knowledge, and the desire to work for an exciting startup with great ambitions.