10 great CRM time-saving tips to improve your business

10 great CRM time-saving tips to improve your business

A CRM system is a fantastic way to free up time for your sales staff. Time not spent on routine admin tasks is time they can spend interacting with customers instead. A CRM solution, then, is more than monitoring and managing your sales pipeline. It’s way more helpful than that. This article compiles 10 great tips for saving time with CRM.

What you will learn in this article

  • The versatility of CRM
  • 10 great CRM time-saving tips
  • Implementing the time savers
  • How to optimize your use of a CRM system
  • How to get started with CRM

The versatility of CRM

If CRM is anything, it is versatile and flexible. While it’s probably best known for sales and marketing, a good CRM system can be impactful for your entire company. There are many ways you can use CRM, including:

  • HR support
  • Onboarding of new employees
  • Creating knowledge bases for staff and customers
  • Scheduling and calendar functions
  • Automation of mundane back-office processes
  • And more

10 great time-saving tips when using CRM

Try these great CRM tips. You will then discover just how much time you can free up for core business activities.

Integrate email marketing

You can automate any repetitive email task with CRM. This could be as part of an email marketing campaign or an auto-responder. A CRM system will give you insights into the effectiveness of your email marketing. You can then fine-tune your messaging as required.

Recruiting and onboarding

CRM is a big help to HR. They can use the system to track recruitment and onboarding processes. Instead of being sales leads, the contacts in this context are candidates and new employees, so it is a natural fit with CRM. Moving people along HR processes is sped up with CRM.

Account management

Closing deals and sales is only part of CRM’s skillset. You can also use CRM to upsell and cross-sell customers and forge stronger relationships with clients for the future. As you know, the job’s not finished when the deal is sealed. You can use CRM to help you increase revenue from every customer.

Project and event management

If you are planning a new project or working on hosting an event, there’s no need to go elsewhere. Within your CRM system, you will find all the tools you need. And track the progress of each via the system too. So there’s no extra expense in buying a service.

Customer tracking

For customers who accept cookies, most CRM systems can be hitched up to your website and report on visitor behavior. The tracking enables you to see which pages a user visits and whether they abandoned their shopping cart before reaching the checkout. You can use this info for retargeting the customer later.

Reducing admin

A multitude of tasks that don’t require human intervention can be easily automated. Your CRM can handle simple, straightforward tasks. For example, responding to routine email inquiries, creating reports, and gathering data on a new prospect. This will speed up your processes and save you and your team significant chunks of time to spend on more profitable work.

Virtual address books

One important but overshadowed CRM function is quickly creating contact books. CRM can log phone numbers, physical addresses, and emails. This is helpful for small businesses and useful for various uses, including charities and membership organizations. Some people even use CRM to organize their personal life.

Creating and storing files

A CRM system, among other things, is a storehouse in which you can create, organize, and manage multiple file types, including apps, contacts, and text files. Once inside your CRM, these files can be categorized and attached to processes. In addition, the in-built and efficient search system within CRM means you can always lay your hands on whatever you need.

Exploiting AI

While people will almost certainly be your greatest assets for quite some time to come, Artificial Intelligence is making inroads. AI automation is making its mark in CRM and delivering cost and time savings to give you a significant competitive business edge. Early adoption of AI technology will ensure you are not left behind and unable to make up the ground.

GDPR compliance

The European Union’s strict privacy rules are in force. They apply to all European businesses and those from outside Europe that trade inside the EU. So ensuring your CRM is GDPR-compliant will save you a lot of expense and weighty legal repercussions.

How to obtain more from your CRM system

Much of the chatter around CRM tends to focus on sales and marketing. However, this is doing CRM a disservice. Indeed, any business process that entails a series of structured steps can be automated and managed by CRM. Combine CRM with an approach centered around activities, and you can speed up almost any business process.

Bear in mind that any activity-based plan you draw up is based on the steps you need to take daily. It’s a structure, not an intangible object subject to forces outside your control. Therefore, in all likelihood, you can streamline most processes and become more efficient and effective at what you do.

How to get started with CRM

Getting started with CRM is not the uphill battle you may imagine. It’s a lot easier, by far. Any typical small business owner should be thinking about adopting CRM sometime very soon. But, in reality, there’s no such thing as ‘too early.’

Focus your shortlist on cloud-based CRM providers as they are the most affordable way into CRM. You are charged per user, and there are various subscription tiers, so you only pay for what you need. The other great thing is that cloud CRM is super easy for you to implement. 


If you are thinking about CRM for your small business, you want to talk to the experts. So contact us! We are the small business cloud CRM provider you need to take your business to the next level.

May 23, 2022

Team Samdock

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