7 top CRM tools for managing your business workflows

7 top CRM tools for managing your business workflows

The best CRM tools are squarely focused on one thing – the customer. Customers are the lifeblood of every company, so you want to be sure your CRM is fit for purpose.

This means a CRM system that is an efficient means of reaching out to customers which includes a host of great tools such as workflow automation, contact management, social media management, social listening, analytics and more.

What you will learn in this article

  • What is workflow?
  • Why CRM systems should fit your workflows, not vice versa
  • The 4 steps to workflow management in CRM
  • Choosing the right CRM workflow system
  • The 7 best workflow management tools

What is workflow

Workflow is a catch-all term to describe a series of steps taken to achieve a business task. This could be closing a sale, resolving a customer service issue, or creating and launching a marketing campaign, and so on.

Back in the day, workflows were carefully mapped out and presented in great detail in charts, graphs, and diagrams. It was left up to the sales team to form routines to fit around the visuals. Today, CRM uses advanced technological solutions to automate workflow and help your teams become more efficient and productive.

Why CRM systems should be a good fit

A CRM system needs to be the best fit for your organization. It should work with your internal workflows, not against them. The entire rationale for CRM is to arrive at a system that is in step with your business and can improve its efficiency. You must select the best CRM solution for your company.

The idea is to avoid square pegs and round holes. The best CRM solution for small businesses will work hand in glove, allowing managers to focus on long-term creative tasks. Most CRM systems nowadays offer an array of workflow tools to give your teams a laser-like focus.

3 steps to workflow management in CRM

Strong customer relationships require to be mapped out clearly to ensure a seamless customer experience. Rather than try to shoehorn in business processes, follow these three steps instead.

Define the goals and objectives

This should be the first step in ensuring that CRM workflow will be a success. Be precise to ensure customer relations, sales, and marketing don’t lose sight of the end goals.

Chart out manual workflows

Doing this will help you identify areas that you can automate. Zero in on the parts of the process that are time-consuming, repetitive, and redundant. Applying automation to these tasks will improve overall speed and efficiency.

Get input from sales and marketing

It’s unwise not to involve the staff that will be at the sharp end. Get input from your end users as they will provide valuable insights into how the CRM system should work in practice. This approach also gives staff a chance to flag up to you any concerns or challenges they may have.

Choosing the right CRM tool for your workflow

Choosing a CRM solution is never going to be an easy task. However, in today’s cut-throat business world, CRM will give you a competitive business edge over your rivals.

The trick is to choose the CRM system that is highly customizable and can automate all of the workflows you need. The CRM solution needs to be agile and flexible enough to accommodate all your business needs. And do the twin jobs of improving business efficiency and taking your customer experience to the next level. That’s quite a brief. But to make life slightly more manageable, we showcase 7 CRM solutions for you right here.

The 7 best workflow solutions


Our cloud-based CRM solution that’s ideal for small businesses, freelancers and startups. The focus is on simplicity without bloating the offering with stuff you don’t need. The CRM system gives you everything you need to boost your business back end and delight customers.


They have been around for eons and offer a host of all-encompassing tools. Hubspot is also easy to scale up. It is an obvious go-to choice for many. But it really isn’t the best option for small businesses despite Hubspot’s credentials.


Another CRM solution that is comprehensive and well-established in the industry is Zoho. Like Samdock, Zoho is cloud-based. This means the resource needs are so much less demanding for small enterprises. Zoho earns kudos for its workflow management and mix-and-match app library.


Another major player in the sector is Salesforce. In many ways, it is synonymous with CRM. It has been implemented globally by some of the biggest names in business, including Amazon, Spotify, and Toyota. Small businesses, though, may find it a touch like overkill.


More sales-oriented than workflow-centric, Pipedrive could offer a best-of-both-worlds solution. Pipedrive is better suited to companies that have long and complicated workflows and high volumes of hot leads. For these reasons, you may wish to think twice if you are on the hunt for a CRM solution that’s quick, user-friendly, and intuitive to use in the real world.


Here’s a company that pins its colors squarely to the mast. As its name hints at, Freshsales is a CRM built with sales teams in mind. Yes, you get workflow segmentation and some great sales tools. But you could end up with a CRM system with many features that remain untouched if you are a small enterprise.


An affordable CRM solution with some excellent workflow management tools going on. It’s a good all-rounder and may be precisely what you are after in a CRM solution. However, you should keep in mind that support costs extra for leads.


Choosing the right workflow-centric CRM is a daunting task for small businesses. They have so much riding on getting it right the first time. It’s advisable to seek expert advice. Of course, for small businesses, we would highly recommend Samdock, as most other providers are more geared towards bigger businesses. Why not check out our free trial and learn more about implementing a cloud-based CRM project for small businesses.

May 23, 2022

Team Samdock

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