7 ways CRM can transform the customer experience

7 ways CRM can transform the customer experience

In today’s highly competitive world, the phrase ‘exceeding expectation’ is no throwaway line. It’s a real customer expectation. To stay ahead of your rivals, you have to consistently go the extra mile to deliver a great customer experience. Like many things, it sounds easier said than done. However, you would be wrong in this assumption. Not if you have a CRM system helping you to provide the level of service today’s customers rightly demand and expect.

What you will learn in this article

  • The case for CRM
  • Who is customer 2.0, and what do they want?
  • Why you need CRM software to wow your customers
  • 7 ways CRM will improve customer experience
  • Getting started with CRM

Why CRM?

Today over 90% of people begin their buying journey with a search engine. As a result, they are significantly better informed than ever before. The customer has the upper hand in researching and selecting which products and services to purchase. And to whom they wish to give their business.

Recent research suggests that well over 80% of buyers are willing to pay extra to secure an excellent customer experience. Thankfully, big business has come to the same conclusion. A survey by Customer Management IQ found that over 75% of business executives and leaders consider customer experience a top priority.

Gartner and PWC have both reported similar trends. Gartner’s study uncovered that almost 90% of companies intend to compete based on customer experience. PWC findings were that a quarter of businesses are banking on digital investments improving customer experience.

And a  study by Walker shows that customer experience will be the top brand differentiator, ahead of product and price.

Who is Customer 2.0?

This name is given to the new breed of tech-savvy customer. They are informed and digitally engaged. Typically, a Customer 2.0:

  1. Starts their buying process online
  2. Searches out feedback and reviews in social media
  3. Prefers email to phone calls

But, above all, Customer 2.0 is invested in placing customer experience first before price and product considerations. Catering for Customer 2.0 is, fortunately, easier than you think, even for small businesses.

Wow your customers with CRM

CRM will significantly enhance the customer service you provide to all your customers. The attention to detail and the personalization you can accomplish with a CRM system are pretty astonishing. For example, you can:

  • Obtain a 360-degree overview of every customer
  • Craft highly customized offers based on the individual customer’s purchase history, interests, and a raft of other criteria
  • Be pro-active by predicting their current and future needs
  • Provide more detailed and relevant customer service
  • Meet the new customer experience paradigm

And a lot more besides.

The 7 best ways to improve customer experience with CRM

Touching base

No customer wants to feel neglected or ignored. With CRM, you can ensure each customer gets the appropriate level of attention. There are few – if any – tools more powerful than CRM for building customer loyalty. The data in your CRM gives you the power to customize every customer interaction.

Listening to customers

Fewer customers than ever are getting buying information directly from a company. They instead use social media and review sites. CRM lets you listen attentively to what customers are saying. One way to gauge opinion is to send out a survey in your email marketing straight from your CRM dashboard.

Building personal relationships

By its very nature, CRM helps you build stronger relationships with your customers. Instead of blasting out the same messaging to all your customers, you can personalize every message. Also, by capturing every customer interaction, everyone can stay one step ahead. And have a heads up about issues, so the customer doesn’t have to relate the same story repeatedly.

Offering what the customer wants

Customers today have plenty of choices. So to win their hearts and wallets, you must pro-actively offer them the right product or service. And at the right time.

CRM gives you all the knowledge you need to know what product or service a customer is interested in, what they have been offered in the past, and whether they have bought before. You also have all the background, including whether they were happy with the solution you offered. Having this level of background details ensures you offer customers what they want. You can also ask customers to opt in to updates and marketing information.

Attentive customer service

Best practice customer service means offering support and help whenever they need it. CRM ensures no request falls through the cracks.

Quick responses to requests

No one has patience anymore. Every customer wants a reply quickly. A pre-prepared CRM email answering FAQ may be all that’s required.

Keeping up with changing customer needs

Time is literally money. With so many competing offers, you need to move fast. CRM provides all the information you need to offer the best product or service.

Getting started with CRM

In today’s fast-paced world, the adage about snoozing and losing has never been more apt. Getting started with CRM may sound daunting at first. But with the right solution, you can now wow Customer 2.0 with your customer experience. And all your other customers as well, for that matter.

Today’s watchword is ‘responsiveness,’ and the only way to up your game is to have all the necessary data at your fingertips.


The business landscape has changed dramatically in the space of fewer than ten years. The received wisdom is well past its sell-by date. Customer experience is now king. And the only way to keep up with today’s buyers is via CRM. Contact the lovely people of our customer support, to talk over your small business requirements.

May 23, 2022

Team Samdock

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