How CRM can help you optimize your email marketing

How CRM can help you optimize your email marketing

Some may say email marketing has had its day and should be put out to pasture. Industry experts beg to differ, however. They are projecting continued growth and forecasting revenues of over $27 billion in 2026. Far from diminishing in importance, the opposite is true.

Indeed, email marketing software developers are producing ever more sophisticated solutions for drip email campaigns and transactional email. CRM, then, is the natural ally of the email marketer. But how can adding another layer be of help?

What you will learn in this article

  • Where CRM fits into the email marketing puzzle
  • How your current solution is selling your short
  • Why you should use CRM for your email marketing
  • How CRM can drive conversions
  • Getting started with CRM

Where CRM fits in with email marketing

CRM, aka Customer Relationship Management, is a natural fit for email marketing. The two are a great match because CRM allows you to:

  • Gather data
  • Systemize and segment data
  • Optimize your messaging
  • Analyze your customer base
  • Integrate with third-party apps for drip campaigns, etc. and more

Add in CRM’s well-established credentials in customer conversion, and it’s quite a package. Most CRM systems have built-in email functionality, but the integration with the apps you are already using makes CRM so versatile.

Your current email marketing apps suck

The brutal truth is that existing email marketing tools aren’t the best. They are not particularly compatible. And they involve a mass of pros, cons, and compromises. Yet, despite this, you still have your well-established favorites. However, there is a somewhat different road to go down.

You can argue that CRM email marketing per se isn’t as nuanced as specialist email system. But this conveniently ignores the fact that CRM integrates with all your top email apps. It’s this integration that gives CRM its considerable competitive edge.

While others are standalone, CRM amplifies the functionality of all your email marketing exponentially. It’s a true greater-than-the-sum-of-its-parts proposition.

Why you should deploy CRM in email marketing

CRM comprises multiple benefits for the email marketer. But let’s look at the primary benefits of welding email marketing and CRM together.

  • 360-degree overview: CRM lets you get at the very heart of what is truly important for your business. Be it contacts, communications, sales funnels, or pipelines, you can see what is happening in real-time.
  • Sales: The level of granularity you can get extra from customer data is outstanding. CRM gives you a much-needed extra dimension to your selling.
  • Time-saving: Automation of business processes will obtain significant time and efficiency savings. It’s widely accepted that using CRM can save you 90 minutes per day. Over a working week, that equates to almost an entire day. This is precious time you can apply to revenue-generating tasks.
  • Segmentation: CRM allows you to segment customers and contacts in a multitude of different ways. This means you can optimize your marketing to produce tightly targeted campaigns. Segmentation also enables you to personalize communications and your offering to individual customers. You will also drive sales and build great relationships with your customers.

How CRM drives conversions

Sometimes in business, it’s challenging to get a clear view of the road ahead. CRM, though, provides you with the 20:20 business vision to focus on what matters the most.

Better time management

One of your most precious commodities is time. So don’t waste it on activities that aren’t going to count. Or, worse still, on tasks that someone else has already done. Having a schedule and sticking to it wherever possible is the first step. The CRM system integrates with Google Calendar, Outlook, and all the other popular calendar and scheduling apps. There’s no reason to forget a job or miss a follow-up call.

Task and deal management

CRM keeps you in control by providing the necessary insight and management to help ensure all hot leads are converted into paying customers.


Don’t omit to use CRM to create and track killer content that will generate leads. Lead magnet content is a big deal for email marketing, so a single platform for brainstorming and testing A/B content is very welcome. Thanks to CRM segmentation abilities, you can test out your messaging on a sample audience. The feedback will then be instructive on whether you need to edit your personalized messaging further.

Remote teams

If you have remote workers on the payroll, CRM is an excellent way to keep them in the loop and productive.

Getting started with CRM

Okay, you’re an email marketer. You don’t like hanging about waiting for responses and feedback.

The good news about CRM is you can plunge straight in with a free trial. You are under no obligation by taking up a test drive. You can ‘play’ with the provider’s system at no risk to evaluate whether it will work for your company. Doing is, as we all know, better than saying. So always ask for a free trial when talking with CRM providers.

To whittle down the options, however, email marketers and small businesses should focus their attention on cloud-based CRM. These systems are way cheaper to implement and run. Plus, you can quickly scale up to meet your changing business needs.


Email marketing has always been about spinning numerous plates all at once. While some may revel in this pursuit, it’s not always the best use of your time.

By contrast, CRM pulls all your campaigns together in one place. You can see instantly how your campaigns are being received. You have at-a-glance oversight of what is happening in real-time. Who is responding and who isn’t. The intel you derive from CRM reports can then inform your next step. Without CRM bossing your email marketing, you have probably frequently found yourself zigging when you should have been zagging. To get a steel-like grip on your email marketing, the solution being turned to is CRM.

May 23, 2022

Team Samdock

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