How to enhance your customer service with a CRM

How to enhance your customer service with a CRM

Customer relationship management extends beyond sales and marketing. It can vastly enhance your customer service offering as well. It does this by helping you stay connected to your customers to gauge their sentiment towards your product or service. CRM systems contain a wealth of benefits, including customer service. With a few choice techniques, you can consistently wow your customers.

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  • What is CRM
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  • How these are applied to small businesses like yours
  • How to get started with CRM

CRM and your small business

There are several key benefits to be obtained from CRM use. Among these are:

  • Automation
  • Email templates
  • Contact history
  • Tracking reports

It is widely believed that over 60% of customers regard excellent customer service as more influential than advertising. So CRM is a natural fit not only driving sales but for improving customer service. But to be a true success, you have to use your CRM system optimally.

What’s CRM, then?

Before pressing on the customer service techniques you can utilize, now is a good time to back up and define what is meant by CRM.

CRM (or Customer Relationship Management, to give it its full title) is essentially a database where you store and manage customer data. This includes:

  • Contact details
  • A record of interactions with every customer
  • Their purchase history

In short, all the data you and your sales and marketing people need to acquire and retain customers. CRM allows you to track every conversation with leads and customers, which informs how you streamline sales processes, customer service, technical support, and marketing campaigns. A CRM system is a central element in tracking customer needs and behavior, which you can pivot to meet.

The 4 key ways to enhance customer service with CRM

CRM systems are the escape route from juggling spreadsheets and manually keying in unlimited data. But arguably, the most significant advantage is the way CRM can help small businesses better understand the needs of their customers. Knowing their concerns will help you to nurture relationships better.

The following explains how CRM can enhance your customer service in the most meaningful and impactful ways.

Improve customer service

When consumers decide upon a product or service, the price and quality are not the only factors that come into the equation. Today, an increasingly significant role is being played by customer experience.

PwC, the management consultancy, surveyed 15,000 consumers in 12 countries and found that almost three-quarters regard the customer experience as a critical component in their purchasing decisions. The consultancy also found that over 40% of global consumers would pay more to secure a positive customer experience. Additionally, PwC found that over 65% of consumers were swayed more by customer experience than advertising in the US.

Resolve issues and complaints

CRM can also be tasked with helping to resolve customer problems. You can create a CRM support ticketing system that allows your support team to prioritize customers and assign tickets to individual staff members.This support center can let you manage all your tickets and ensure customer issues are resolved quickly and with accompanying notes.

The data collected by the system can also be used as a lessons learned tool to avoid future support issues occurring. For example, as phone calls are recorded and logged, you can investigate where things went wrong and how long before you resolved an issue.

Increase productivity and profits

Customer relationship management is a slight misnomer as CRM extends into many different areas of your business. However, you can manage most aspects, including employee productivity, which can indirectly affect customer experience.

Inventory management

If you run an inventory of tangible goods, you can use CRM to manage warehouse stock, manage purchase orders, and customer product orders.

The following four tips are easy wins in improving customer service.

  1. Automated email – Streamline your processes and communications with pre-prepared automatic emails. They are also great for answering FAQs.
  2. Consistent communications – Email templates help ensure all your communications are uniform and adhere to company policy on their appearance and boilerplate information.
  3. Run reports – CRM is fully loaded with reporting possibilities, including in your customer support department. You can drill down and obtain fine details about individual workloads, response times, etc. 
  4. Personalization –  The modern CRM system captures in-depth client information for you. Pulling up the customer profile will allow customer service agents to have a complete picture of who they are helping.

How to get started with CRM

Getting started with CRM isn’t the tech headache you fear. Indeed, it’s quite the reverse.

Today’s new generation of cloud-based CRMs is cutting edge and user-friendly. Developers have spent a long time ensuring their cloud CRM platforms are easy to implement and easy to use. If you are a small business, there’s little argument over which direction to jump. It’s a cloud-based CRM without equivocation or caveats.

The reason is that cloud CRMs are modestly priced, making them very affordable for even the smallest of companies. You pay per user and subscribe to a tier that’s the best match for your current needs. Then, when business growth kicks in, and you need to add users and more advanced features, it’s merely a case of trading up to a new tier.

However, to be sure you will be comfortable with a particular CRM platform, always take up the free trial offer. These are no-risk demo accounts that give you hands-on exposure upon which to make an informed decision.


Outstanding customer service is core to everything you do as a small business. You don’t need anyone to tell you that happy customers mean more sales and a better bottom line. However, you can be more successful in providing an excellent customer experience with CRM. This is no longer up for debate. So contact us today and find out how you can harness the undeniable power of CRM. We are the cloud CRM experts and fully aligned with the needs of small businesses.

May 23, 2022

Team Samdock

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