As simple and intuitive
as never before.

Focus on your strengths with a straightforward CRM. Manage new inquiries, qualify prospects in a standardized manner, and bring them to completion, without an introduction or weeks of training.

Those who respond quickly to customer inquiries usually win the business.

New customer inquiries should be handled immediately and carefully – maybe it’s the next big deal! With Samdock, you don’t waste any time, you take care of new prospects right away.

Request management

Link your website and receive all incoming requests directly in Samdock. With our simple inquiry function, your system will remain tidy.

Contact forms

Create a contact form directly in Samdock with a few clicks and embed it on your website. Prospects can then send inquiries and end up directly with you in the system.

Advanced APIs

Want to connect an existing contact form to Samdock or send data to Samdock from other sources? Not a problem with our API!

Double opt-in mails

The easiest DOI mail generator ever allows you to easily send GDPR-safe confirmation emails to get your prospects’ consent to contact you.

Working to proven
standards pays off.

Poking around in the cloud is no longer necessary. With the intuitive qualification of your prospects, you will quickly recognize real potential and know who is important.

Separate lead management

To ensure that there is only real potential in your deal pipeline, you process all leads separately beforehand.

Pre-qualify your leads

Prospects are qualified in a standardized manner and managed intelligently. This will enable you to establish the right contact at the right time and set the right priorities.

Deal board

Add exact positions to your deals and follow your upcoming sales step by step until they are closed.

Excellent customer knowledge
is impressive.

A good CRM is not just a place to store information.
Samdock uses your information and experience to actively support your sales activities.

Two-page customer history

Think of all activity as a continuous chat that clearly reflects who has been interacting with whom. Every change is categorized, documented clearly and chronologically.

Task planning

Keep a close eye on your daily tasks. Best of all: Your tasks are directly tied to your contacts, leads or deals. You have never worked in such a structured way.


Say goodbye to the notes on your desk! Whether for phone calls, meetings or simply as a reminder: from now on, notes not only have a new home, but are also connected to the right contacts.

Samdock is here to support your business

2-step import

Transfer your existing customer lists easily with our 2-step import. Our Customer Success Team will be happy to help you.


Samdock is not only 100% GDPR-compliant, but also ensures that you yourself are absolutely data-protection-proof.

Are you missing something that is important to you? Get in touch!

Instant added value. A CRM without complex setup.

Samdock is specifically built for the needs and operations of small businesses. Easy and intuitive use, for everyone! No weeks of training or prior knowledge required.

A look at our roadmap:

Create, assign & link tasks

Extended master data fields

Add past activities

Synchronize calendar and create appointments

Synchronize and send emails

Create your own fields

Zapier integration as an interface to other systems

Filter, segment and export contacts

Enhanced deal management

Companion App 1.0

Look forward to our app that will soon fluently connect your workday with Samdock.