All of the features you need.
None of the distractions you don’t.

Understand your customers like never before.

Combined persons & organizations view

Get full visibility with a unique, network-wide overview. Create filters to visualize important information when you need it, and then save it as a view so it’ll always be just a click away.

contact views

Full contact & activity history

Easily store the data you need for your deals, and add custom fields to each contact for more effective customer categorisation.

activity stream
form icon

Create web forms

Create a web form directly in Samdock with just a few clicks and embed it on your website. Your website visitors can then send request and end up directly in your system.

web forms

A pipeline that’s actually simple to use.

requests icon

Get your leads in

Connect your website or other inbound sources and let new request automatically flow into Samdock with our easy-to-build webforms and API connections.

request inbox
leads icon

Painless lead management

Make sure you’re only focusing on the most promising deals with intelligent lead pre-qualifying. Reach out to the right person at the right time with straightforward, intuitive lead management.

requests icon

A beautifully intuitive deal board

Design your own custom workflow and have more fun selling with Samdock’s modern deal board.

deal pipeline

Get the job done the right way, every single time.

calendar and meetings
meetings icon

Meetings & Communication

Connect your calendar and link your appointments with your contacts, leads and deals and reap the rewards of a unified sales workflow

task icon

Time-effective to-do lists & task management

Plan out your daily tasks and easily keep everything organised with our almost painfully intuitive to-do lists. Assign tasks to your colleagues with just a few clicks and smash your targets together.

todos and tasks

All that, and more.

2-step import

Easily import your existing lists of customers and contacts. Our customer success team is always there to assist you.


Samdock is not only 100% GDPR-compliant, but also ensures that you yourself handle your customer data in an absolutely safe manner.

We keep workin on Samdock with a lot of passion every day.
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