6 great strategies for financial advisor lead generation

6 great strategies for financial advisor lead generation

When you own a financial advisor business of any size, you are perpetually chasing new clients to grow your company. One method to do this is Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. In recent years, it has gained massive popularity among large and small businesses for lead generation and to increase their pipelines. This is because CRM’s 360-degree overview of your business gets you on the right track to success.

What you will learn in this article

  • Why you should stop spending money to acquire new clients
  • 6 great lead generation strategies
  • What is CRM
  • How it can help
  • How to get started with CRM

Stop spending money to get new clients

Many financial advisors subscribe to the mistaken belief that spending money is the only way to acquire new clients and generate leads. However, this is a complete fallacy, and here’s why:

  • The proven method doesn’t involve spending serious money
  • The objective is to get a realistic roster of clients that fits your company

6 great strategies for financial advisor lead generation

Here are some great strategies for lead generation to include in your marketing mix, all of which you can plot from a CRM system.


Print advertising is expensive. It’s a scatter-gun approach that is relatively low in conversions. However, it raises your profile and drives brand awareness, so you should not dismiss it entirely. Your website should be search engine optimized too.

Promotional events

These are typically time-consuming and not guaranteed as a lead generator for financial advisors. Results are unpredictable. Plus, the time and resources involved can be substantial. However, participating in trade shows, free workshops, open houses, and virtual events will remain a tested method of attracting the attention of prospects and bolstering your visibility as a financial advisor.

Public speaking

Put your ‘gift of the gab’ to good use through public speaking opportunities. If you don’t mind speaking to large groups, public speaking can be a powerful networking tool. These gigs also don’t do your visibility and credibility any harm. Look for opportunities at events you don’t need to organize, such as chairing a forum, being a panel member, or a guest/keynote speaker.

Writing and publicity

Writing articles, op-eds, thought leadership pieces, and blogs are all great ways to up your visibility and financial advisor credibility. You can start with a blog or newsletter, then build your authority from there to get your writing into more prominent publications. Making yourself available for interviews will also help. Finally, cultivate relationships with the media to become their go-to person on financial matters.

Networking and referrals

Both of these are critical to generating leads. Word-of-mouth is good advertising, but you want to boost this with a regular flow of referrals. Who do you know that interacts with your target audience that’s not in direct competition? Sound them out about becoming a referral partner and network to find other companies offering complementary services to your own.

Direct contact and follow-up

CRM is particularly adept at this as you can automate back-office tasks and set reminders for follow-up actions. Today, CRM is the tool of choice for outreach as you can track and manage your efforts from a single platform.

What’s CRM?

CRM provides users with a unified working platform to track customers, nurture leads and prospects, and generate actionable insights. It removes the guess from guesswork. As a result, all your business decisions are way better informed as they are data-driven.

Today, almost all small businesses, including financial advisors, are opting for cloud-based CRM solutions. This is because all the servers and software are run remotely online by the CRM provider. All you, as a small business owner, do is log in. There are no massive upfront costs; you pay a per-user subscription based on your chosen tier level.

How can CRM help

There are numerous benefits to CRM, but these are key ones you should know about.

Contact management – All your interactions with clients, prospects and leads are logged for future reference.

Automation – CRM can take over a host of mundane, repetitive tasks allowing you and your team to concentrate on core business activities.

Lead management – Once in your sales funnel, you can track the progress of every opportunity and ensure it gets closed as quickly as possible.

Reports and forecasts – CRM systems allow you to segment customers and run a variety of reports. In addition, the data obtained is in real-time, allowing you to see what is working or take corrective action. CRM is particularly accomplished at spotting trends and using the data to provide actionable insights.

Marketing – All your marketing campaigns are managed from the CRM system, allowing you instant access to response levels and results.

Integration – Cloud CRM systems are designed to integrate with your existing platforms and apps to ensure you have a single point of truth. No more hopping around, all you work with is on one platform.

How to get started with CRM

To be effective in attracting new leads, you should rely on data, not your gut instincts. Okay, that may have worked thus far, but it won’t take you where you need to go. Implementing CRM is not as daunting as you may imagine. Indeed, you can see for yourself how user-friendly the technology is by signing up for a free trial. These are no-obligation demo accounts that give you a flavor of the platform and time to decide whether it is for you.

However, to save you time, it is highly recommended small business owners opt for a cloud-based CRM solution. These are relatively inexpensive, easy to implement and use, and can grow in tandem with your expanding business needs.


CRM is the common thread that runs through these six strategies. Not only will it help you generate new leads, but it will also help you build longer-lasting relationships with customers. Furthermore, it will help ensure a higher level of customer experience. To get on board with CRM, contact us today. We are cloud CRM experts whose platform is specifically geared towards the needs of small businesses.

May 23, 2022

Team Samdock

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