What is personal CRM – and why is it a thing now?

What is personal CRM – and why is it a thing now?

While CRM has traditionally been associated with multi-employee companies, there’s room for sole traders too. But what is a personal CRM? And why on earth would you want one to replace your smartphone?

What you will learn in this article

  • The importance of your network
  • What is personal CRM
  • The key features of personal CRM
  • How sole traders and one-person bands can benefit
  • How to get started

Network = net worth

Businesses – regardless of their payroll size – stand or fall on the networks they build. And how they manage their contacts to develop trust.

You meet people all the time. But it’s easy to lose track unless you are incredibly disciplined. What did you discuss last time? Did you get their contact details? Are you connected via Facebook or email? The list of questions is endless. This is where personal CRM enters the stage to help you keep track of all your interactions.

But what is a personal CRM?

If you are already aware of CRM, you will know that it stands for Customer Relationship Management. Essentially, it is a central hub for you to manage your business. And boss your contacts like a pro. Your entire communication history with a contact is stored in CRM and tied to your calendar. The result is that you can go into every meeting forearmed with everything that went before.

You have a definitive picture of your customer and your relationship. You can see what’s been achieved so far and what the next step should be. This could be a phone call. Or a reminder to send out a group message.

Who is personal CRM suitable for?

  • Bloggers and vloggers
  • Sole traders
  • Fundraisers
  • Digital nomads
  • Remote workers
  • Freelancers
  • Solopreneurs

Pretty much everyone with a network, in other words. And thanks to affordable cloud-based CRM it is within reach. No matter if you are flying solo in business or have a hectic personal life to organize, personal CRM should be on your radar.

Key features of personal CRM

Personal CRM is often also known as a personal relationship manager – is the best way to keep tabs on your network communications. You can log all kinds of information from your interactions that will prove helpful down the line.

In essence, you are building a complete profile on all your contacts. You can also think of personal CRM as an address book, notebook, calendar, and smart reminder software rolled into one.

Top 8 features

  1. Contact management
  2. Email marketing
  3. Business process automation
  4. Calendar, scheduling, and reminders
  5. Task and deal management
  6. Sales pipeline management
  7. Social media integration
  8. Reports and analytics

The key features open up a new world of joined-up thinking it would be difficult to replicate without a CRM system. You are unifying your entire business or personal life in one place. And coherently, linked up, and much more manageable. Everything you do is therefore focused on customers rather than processes.

This focus is critical in business, where competition today is undeniably fierce. You and your brand are increasingly judged on your relationships, not price tags. Or whether you have a flashy new product or service.

You can say goodbye to multiple standalone spreadsheets. Adios to Post-It notes. And farewell to your other ineffective ways of managing your contacts with leads and customers. Finally, you can see past the trees that would otherwise obstruct your view. What you get with a personal CRM is 20:20 vision about your business, your customers, and how you can strengthen relationships. Get all of this right, and you are on the way to creating a sustainable business known for its exceptional customer experience. Or as a person that can handle multiple tasks simultaneously and never drops the ball.

When you analyze it, there are very few downsides to personal CRM.

How you can benefit from personal CRM

Get organized

No more scribbled notes. Or hunting down the Post-It you wrote last week. You can stay on top of your comms with everything in one place.

Contact management

Personal CRM permits you to capture a wide range of information and automatically update the customer’s profile. The clever part is that CRM works across channels and records data no matter how you interact with that person.

Create real connections

The personal touch ensures you are creating enduring customer relationships. Taking a note of birthdays or enquiring about their recent holiday shows you care. Logging details like these in your CRM system will pay off later.

Network expansion

You and everyone else continually want to expand their network. Use CRM to leverage your existing network and find ways to connect up to their networks. Be prepared to put yourself out there. Remember, though; it is a two-way street. Building a social media presence is an excellent way to expand your network. Your feeds can all be integrated into your CRM.

How to get started with CRM

If you are still harboring doubts about personal CRM, that’s not unreasonable. Being in business solo is challenging. Any investment can have a profound impact on your future. However, the case for personal CRM is nonetheless compelling. To ease any fears you have, always ask for a free trial. There’s no substitute for getting hands-on to see if personal CRM is going to work for you.


CRM is not just for companies with sizable payrolls. If you have a network to manage, you can benefit from personal CRM to simplify and streamline your life. As a sole trader, you will be well aware of just how many hats you have to wear. And how many tasks you have to juggle daily. You are sales, marketing, customer service, accountant, and more all rolled into one.

Keeping sight of it all can be an absolute nightmare. However, you don’t need to suffer anymore. Contact us, the cloud CRM solution specifically designed with small and micro businesses in mind. We will be delighted to share how personal CRM can turbo boost your small business operation.

May 23, 2022

Team Samdock

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