The best Close Alternative out there – Samdock vs. Close

Are you searching for the best Close CRM alternative? Read our detailed comparison of Samdock and Close CRM to choose the best for growing your business.

Experience the power of simplicity with Samdock CRM. In minutes.


Samdock CRM is designed specifically for small businesses, startups, and entrepreneurs to manage leads, customers, and tasks in a structured and efficient manner. It is simple, intuitive, and comes with all-rounder features you need at unbeatable single pricing. or is primarily a sales automation platform, but it comes with feature limits for most of the functionalities in every plan. It has a higher learning curve with extra cost for 24*7 support. Not ideal for small businesses.

Samdock vs. Close at a glance

Feature limit, higher costs, and lack of free 24*7 support make unattractive for small businesses.

Samdock Close
Free Trial Yes Yes
Price per user $23 $29 – $149
User limit Unlimited

Yes. Upgrade for more users

Contacts Unlimited Limited, Higher plans
Leads Limit Unlimited Limited/Higher plans
Sales Pipeline

Limited, all plans

Smart contact data Unlimited N/A
24*7 Support Free Extra Cost


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What makes Samdock the best Close alternative?

  • One plan for all
    Everything is included without any hidden cost.

  • No learning curve
    Jump right into your work with intuitiveness.

  • Made for small teams
    No feature limits and out-of-the-box solutions.

  • 24*7 Free Support
    Get immediate support 24*7 without any hassle.

The Simplest CRM for Sales and Customer Management with straightforward features

  • Request management
  • Contact forms
  • Separate lead management
  • Pre-qualify leads
  • Deal board
  • Two-page customer history
  • Task planning
  • Notes
  • Synchronize calendar and create appointments
  • Synchronize and send emails
  • Add past activities
  • 2-step import
  • Advanced APIs
  • Double opt-in emails (GDPR) & More

    Samdock vs. Other CRMs

    "I am just thrilled with Samdock. I was looking for a simple tool to manage my contacts and deals. Unlike most competitors, Samdock focuses on the essentials and relieves me enormously in my daily work. The app is super intuitive and fun."

    Tim Weisheit

    Tim Weisheit

    CEO & Founder

    "Finally, we found it! The solution for organizing our leads. Now with Samdock, we have the ideal tool to guide us throughout the sales process and provide transparency within the team on the current status of our sales activities."

    Rene Reiter

    Rene Reiter

    CEO & Founder

    "As a fast-growing startup, we need a CRM for new customer acquisition with as few frills as possible that we can all quickly understand and enjoy using. Samdock convinced us because it is intuitive and immediately ready for us to use. We're now using it across our sales department."

    Pascal Claßen

    Pascal Claßen

    CEO & Founder

    5 reasons Samdock is the best alternative to Close

    • Simplicity

    Samdock’s focus on small businesses is reflected in its simplistic yet powerful features that get you started without any learning curve. It is so intuitive that you will be wrapping up your tasks with utmost efficiency and productivity in a few minutes.

    Close has so many features that you would often feel confused and need time to learnhow it works. Due to its high learning curve and complex navigation, beginner teams will find it hard to work effectively.


    • Cost-effectiveness

    Samdock has single unbeatable pricing compared to Close, and it bundles all the features you will ever need for your sales and customer management without the need for higher plans if your team grows.

    Close has multi-tier pricing with user limits in every plan. If your team grows, you will need to upgrade your plan even if you need to use features in your current plan. It becomes pretty expensive for growing teams quickly.


    • Unlimited Usage

    With Samdock’s single pricing, there is no limit on any feature and storage that you need for your team. Just keep growing.

    Close CRM has usage limits on every essential feature such as contacts, leads, pipelines, etc. It might get annoying if you want to utilize your email lists.


    • Well-designed UX

    Samdock is very carefully designed to tie up your tasks with contacts, leads or deals so that you get more done with fewer clicks. Everything is structured, transparent, and streamlined.

    Close CRM’s features are not well-integrated with each other. Sometimes, you will feel a disconnect between your tasks, workflows, and pipelines, which is ineffective if you like to work smartly.


    • Free Support

    Every team needs support and wants to get in touch with their CRM provider for suggestions, feedback, and feature requests. Samdock’s support is available 24*7 with attentiveness and free of cost.

    Close CRM’s support is not known for its excellence. In addition to that, it is not free. You need to pay for support according to how you want them to resolve your problems. Not reasonable.

    Why don’t you take a look inside Samdock.

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    Summary: When to choose Samdock vs. Close

    When to choose Samdock

    • You need an all-rounder CRM.
    • You want to utilize your budget efficiently.
    • You want an intuitive UI/UX that has no learning curve.
    • You love free support 24*7

      When to choose Close

      • Your focus is only the sales process automation.
      • You have no problem paying extra for more usage. 
      • You can frequently upgrade the plan with your growing team.
      • You can learn and troubleshoot yourself without support.

      A CRM that you have been thinking about.

      Just what you need. Without distraction.

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