The best SugarCRM Alternative out there – Samdock vs. SugarCRM

Stop looking anywhere else. Read our detailed comparison of Samdock and SugarCRM to make the right decision for your business.

Experience the power of simplicity with Samdock CRM. In minutes.


Samdock CRM is designed specifically for small businesses, startups, and entrepreneurs to manage leads, customers, and tasks in a structured and efficient manner. It is simple, intuitive, and comes with all-rounder features you need at unbeatable single pricing. 

SugarCRM is based on open-source software so you can do a lot of customization by using a developer. But it is expensive for small businesses and has a very complicated & outdated UI.

Samdock vs. SugarCRM at a glance

Complex UI, high-end pricing, and time-consuming support make Freshworks unattractive for small businesses.

Samdock SugarCRM
Free Trial Yes Yes
Price per user $23 $40 – $150
Users limit Minimum 1 user

Minimum 10 users

Smart Contact Data Yes No
Custom Fields Unlimited Limited/Additional cost
Storage Unlimited

Limited/Additional cost

Setup Super easy Very complex
Support 24*7 Not 24*7


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What makes Samdock the best SugarCRM alternative?

  • Pocket friendly
    Everything is included in the pricing without any restrictions.

  • No heavy Setup
    Jump right into your work with intuitiveness.

  • Modern UI/UX
    Fun to use with smooth experience.

  • 24*7 Free Support
    Get immediate support without any hassle.

The Simplest CRM for Sales and Customer Management with straightforward features

  • Request management
  • Contact forms
  • Separate lead management
  • Pre-qualify leads
  • Deal board
  • Two-page customer history
  • Task planning
  • Notes
  • Synchronize calendar and create appointments
  • Synchronize and send emails
  • Add past activities
  • 2-step import
  • Advanced APIs
  • Double opt-in emails (GDPR) & More

    Samdock vs. Other CRMs

    "I am just thrilled with Samdock. I was looking for a simple tool to manage my contacts and deals. Unlike most competitors, Samdock focuses on the essentials and relieves me enormously in my daily work. The app is super intuitive and fun."

    Tim Weisheit

    Tim Weisheit

    CEO & Founder

    "Finally, we found it! The solution for organizing our leads. Now with Samdock, we have the ideal tool to guide us throughout the sales process and provide transparency within the team on the current status of our sales activities."

    Rene Reiter

    Rene Reiter

    CEO & Founder

    "As a fast-growing startup, we need a CRM for new customer acquisition with as few frills as possible that we can all quickly understand and enjoy using. Samdock convinced us because it is intuitive and immediately ready for us to use. We're now using it across our sales department."

    Pascal Claßen

    Pascal Claßen

    CEO & Founder

    5 reasons Samdock is the best alternative to SugarCRM

    • Simplicity

    Samdock CRM has its clear focus on building features for small businesses with simplicity. Its intuitiveness allows you to jump right into your work without any hassle.

    SugarCRM has a very outdated UI, and you may need to wrap your hand around how to use its various features. Your team will need some time before actually starting doing something.


    • Cost-effectiveness

    Samdock has single unbeatable pricing compared to SugarCRM. The cherry on top – you will get everything unlimited without any restrictions and minimum users requirements. 

    SugarCRM plan starts at almost double the cost, and you also need to have a minimum of 10 users to use it. On top of that, many functionalities are not unlimited, and you have to pay extra based on your usage.


    • No Implementation Required

    Samdock has everything ready for you to use from the very first minute. No extra setup or customization is required. Its out-of-the-box features let you start quickly and easily.

    SugarCRM requires significant setup efforts by integrating multiple channels to utilize it fully. Due to the lack of 24*7 support from SugarCRM, you will end up wasting a lot of your time.


    • Well-designed UX

    Samdock’s features are designed in a straightforward way to work together so that you get more done with fewer clicks. Contacts, leads, deals, and everything else are streamlined in a structured and transparent way.

    SugarCRM is an old CRM, and it has mostly stayed that way. With its clunky design and complicated workflow, new-age team members will find it boring to use.


    • High Peformance

    Samdock CRM doesn’t hang or get slow no matter what. It performs consistently to get your job done at speed every single time.

    SugarCRM has undergone very little modernization, and as a result, it has an inferior performance and feels very slow. If you love speed, it is not for you.

    Just give Samdock a try.

    You might as well get a few things done before you know it.

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    Summary: When to choose Samdock vs. SugarCRM

    When to choose Samdock

    • You need an all-rounder CRM without any limitations.
    • You are limited on budget and want to keep your cost under control.
    • You want everything ready for you without any setup efforts. 
    • You want a CRM without any performance issues.

      When to choose SugarCRM

      • You don’t mind a complicated workflow.
      • You are not worried about extra usage charges.
      • You have developers for customization.
      • You are comfortable with old UI/UX.

      A CRM for energetic teams.

      Just what you need. Without distraction.

      *no credit card required