What is Social CRM and how do you use it to improve your business?

What is Social CRM and how do you use it to improve your business?

What is Social CRM? As the name hints at, social CRM is a customer relationship management solution that seamlessly integrates with your social media platforms. This is excellent news for small businesses. Today, social selling is increasingly becoming an essential sales channel. Furthermore, social media networks play a huge role in enabling businesses to interact directly with customers on their preferred channel.

Alongside traditional communication channels, this integration means better customer experience and greater marketing insights.

What you will learn in this article

  • Why you need social CRM
  • How to use social CRM for customer service
  • How to use social CRM for your marketing
  • The benefits of social CRM
  • How to get started with CRM

Why your small business needs social CRM

Social CRM is a powerful platform enabling businesses of all sizes to communicate with customers in their preferred manner. This includes:

  • Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter
  • Phone
  • Email
  • SMS text
  • Live chat

By making yourself ‘easy to do business with,’ you can use your CRM’s social media insights to gather actionable intel about customer sentiment on your company, brand, and a specific product or service. The best social CRM systems take these valuable interactions to create customer profiles that you can share across your marketing, sales, and customer service teams.

Using social CRM for customer service

Social CRM is used by a variety of businesses looking to:

  • optimize their customer service
  • provide a consistent customer experience across all their channels.

CRM helps businesses achieve this by enabling them to get the basics of customer service spot on, no matter how the customer interacts with the company.

Today’s tech-savvy consumers, not unreasonably, expect excellent customer service regardless of how they contact the company. The expectation is that consumers can hop from one platform to another and have their issues addressed promptly and personally. In addition, consumers expect companies to remember their names and not repeat their stories three times to get a resolution.

This is especially important nowadays as customers increasingly view social media as the easiest way to gain attention and raise a service issue. With social CRM, the interaction can be tracked by the CRM when a customer contacts you via social media.

Using social CRM for marketing

The significant advantage of social CRM is that it helps you and your business make customer interaction with customers a two-way dialog. Instead of remaining a passive audience, customers are recast as active players in your brand story. In turn, customers get to see the brand they support, value them as customers.

Congratulate your marketing team if they are aces at producing content, such as:

  • Blogs
  • Facebook posts
  • Instagram pics and videos
  • YouTube videos
  • and engaging tweets

But congratulate them more for the engagement they generate. Use social CRM’s tracking and monitoring tool to see whose attention you are grabbing. You can then identify and reward your brand advocates and social media influencers. This will encourage them to spread the word even more.

Benefits of social CRM

Social CRM is particularly compelling for small businesses that want to grow their social media footprint quickly. The benefits are outlined in the table below as follows:

  • Better response times: You can react faster and better. To an extent, you can also predict customer needs ahead of time.
  • Interaction tracking: By tracking social media interactions within the centralized CRM platform, you can deliver faster and more comprehensive resolutions to customer support issues.
  • Turning a negative into a positive: As social media interactions are on a one-to-one basis with a potentially huge audience, how you resolve an issue can significantly influence brand sentiment. If a customer agent deals with an issue raised in a Facebook post, their response is closely watched by the public. So you want to ensure there is a positive outcome for the customer to share afterward.

Meanwhile, the benefits of social CRM extend past your customer service, sales, and marketing teams. Social CRM can assist you in generating more leads to convert into happy, satisfied customers. The hope then is that these customers go on to become your brand ambassadors. Social CRM, then, can transform your brand reach and perception. And simultaneously deliver new and actionable insights into customer opinions and behavior.

More Pros for Social CRM

  1. The delivery of customer support on their preferred online platform.
  2. Real-time interaction and engagement with customers
  3. The speedy resolution of issues flagged up by the CRM’s social listening tools
  4. The identification and rewarding of customers and brand advocates who cheerlead for your company/brand
  5. Obtaining greater visibility on the social networks used by your target audience
  6. Increased engagement and strengthened relationships with customers.

The underlying business is equally powerful, given that social CRM spans customer service, sales, marketing, and customer service. A Social Media Examiner survey found that 89% of respondents reported increased brand exposure. However, almost half said six hours a week on social media activity cut their overall marketing spend.

How to get started with CRM

There’s little disputing that social media is the new frontier for business. But, of course, it has been for quite some time now. That’s why you need your CRM to integrate with your social media presence fully. Not doing so only serves to throw up a barrier that doesn’t need to be there. And as you will be aware, the less friction, the better. If you want to follow the eyeballs – and you should – then leveraging social media is a given.

This guide has shed light on the matter. However, the next step is down to you.


Social CRM is only ever going to get more critical. Sure, brands and platforms may come and go. But love them or loathe them, social media networks are here to stay. And you, as a small business owner, need to get on the bus as soon as possible. Contact us right now to see how you get your ticket to social CRM-ship. We are cloud CRM experts and expressly founded to serve the interests of small businesses.

Jul 03, 2022

Team Samdock

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